Rivington Pike castle and the Japanese Garden

Rivington Pike castle and the Japanese Garden

Hi everybody!

The weather in England today was hot and sunny complimented by blue sky… absolutely gorgeous however quite rare. The weather was so nice that we could not help ourselves but go exploring! We decided to explore a nearby castle called Rivington Pike which displayed reminisce of the Japanese gardens alongside. Here are just a few of the pictures taken from our adventure! 🙂

View from the side of the road before walking up to the castle.

You can just see the castle at the top of the hill to your right.

Jamie pointing out the views!


Walking up the hill!

Made it to the top! Yay!

I look quite tiny compared to the castle!
Off we go to the Pigeons tower!




Brick walls…




Heading back to the car after a long day…
Getting an ice cream before we go home from a town nearby!

Just one drink before we headed over to visit one of Jamie’s good friends.

That concludes our adventures for today. Exploring the place was wonderful and very green! I enjoyed the small waterfalls we walked by and the small ponds featured within the area! It was a lovely day and would be an awesome place to go for a picnic if the weather was as beautiful as it was today!

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out as there is more to come!
♥- Talk soon- Ed xx


Road Trip -First stop= Wales!

Road Trip -First stop= Wales!

Hi everyone!

So it’s about time that I updated you guys on what we’ve actually been doing!
We have honestly just been so busy this first week going out to dinner, meeting up with family members and road tripping! We have now been here for 10 days and so much has honestly happened during these past days (and I’ve got some good news to tell you about!)

So where do I even begin….

Lets start on Monday 15th August!
Jamie and I decided to take a road trip to see one of Jamie’s close friends called Damien who lives in Wales. It was supposed to be a 4 and a half hour drive from Bolton to where Damien lives but because of all the traffic and road works it actually took us about 7 hours instead… (however we did stop over once for lunch) but we made it there eventually!


Here is a picture of Jamie and the nice green hills in the background on our way to Wales. The weather was actually so beautiful! Which was a nice treat for us.

Here I am in the same beautiful green background!


After finally arriving in Wales Jamie’s friend Damien then took us to a place in Swansea to check out the views! This is a picture of a lighthouse over looking one of the beaches there!
It honestly was beautiful!

Jamie pulling a silly face while I’m trying to take a nice picture of us in front of the lighthouse at the beach.


A picture of Jamie and Damien in front of the lighthouse in Swansea. It was nice to see Jamie catch up with an old friend!


Just a bit more of the view!
Look at the detail in these stone seats! Cool!

DSC00359.JPGSuch a gorgeous evening with my darling!



The night was still young.. This picture (above) was taken quite late in the evening but you can still see that the sky looks really light. In England in summer it doesn’t go dark until about 10:00 – 11:00 pm which coming from Australia feels a little bizarre because your mind thinks the time is telling me I should be in bed by now but the sky is still light.


After looking at the beach that Wales had to offer Damien then took us to a nice place to have something to eat and drink. I have forgotten the name of the place now… however it was beautiful and offered a buffet with so many different options to choose from! I was impressed. We then ended up ordering a Woo woo jug to share between us three..which we didn’t end up finishing but was quite delicious. After the meal we went back to the hotel and off to bed. In the morning we continued our journey to Newquay!


A picture of Jamie and I in the hotel room the next morning before we left to go to Newquay!

Next stop> Swansea to Newquay!


Wales was quite a lovely place and I enjoyed visiting! I really wish we could have stayed longer and saw a few more things but we just didn’t have the time so off we set to our next destination> Newquay!

Keep an eye out for more posts of my road trip as I will be doing them in sections!
I will mention the good news in the next couple of posts to come so keep an eye out for those!

Adios for now ♥
Having such a great time so far!
– xo Ed











24 Hour Flight- We’re Here!

24 Hour Flight- We’re Here!

Hi lovely people! I’m sorry I didn’t post on the day that we left! I was honestly just so busy trying to finish packing everything as well as trying to sort out a few last minute items before we left! So I thought I’d fill you in on a few things!

We left Brisbane, Australia on Wednesday the 10th of August and arrived at the Manchester airport, UK on Friday the 11th of August. If you have read through some of my other posts you will know that we had a stop over at Dubai and then from Dubai it was a flight straight to Manchester. The flight in total was approximately 24 hours (give and take a few minutes). The flight was quite good however some hours dragged on trying to fall asleep… but I managed a couple of hours. It was quite crazy actually talking about going to England and then actually on the other hand being in England. I am so excited to be here.

Jamie’s mum then picked us up at the airport. It was so nice to see them reunited again after a year of Jamie being away in Australia. We then drove to visit Jamie’s dad and auntie then ended up going to their home and unpacking our luggage. At this point we were starting to feel quite tired! After we unpacked… Jamie, his mum, his dad and I all went to a dinner to surprise his brothers family as it was a night before his  brothers birthday. It went to plan and it was so nice to be able to surprise his brother and to be in England for his birthday!

After having dinner Jamie and I were incredibly tired that we just couldn’t stay up anymore and had to go to sleep! As soon as my head hit the pillow I was out like a log and the same thing for Jamie. It was so nice though to get a proper sleep in a comfy bed after trying to sleep on the airplane. I woke up at 4am the next morning because of the difference in the time zones (Australia being 9 hours ahead of England)  and was wide awake so I played on my phone for about an hour till I became sleepy again and then went back to bed… I found it quite difficult to sleep in as after that I woke back up at about 6:30am and ended staying up.

On Friday (yesterday) Jamie and I woke up and realized that we were actually so hungry. It was early in the morning (before 7) so we decided that we would go to a grocery shop and buy some things to make for breakfast. We ended up going to a place called Asda and did some grocery shopping there. We had a bit of trouble using our travel cards as we went through the self-serve check out as it ended up crashing one of their  computers which we had no idea would do but the ladies at Asda were super nice and really helped us out which I thought was really lovely! After we got home we made breakfast then had a nice visitor in the morning (one of Jamie’s mums friends) come visit. We then ended up going into town with Jamie’s gorgeous niece and did a little bit of window shopping, went to the pet shop and Jamie bought a cat tower for his cat and had a look at the town centers new downstairs building. After that we went home chilled out made the cat house and then as it was his Brothers actual birthday we went over to his house for some nibbles and drinks. I felt like a bit of a party pooper because I left at 9pm but I was just so tired…. if I had stayed any longer I would have ended up falling asleep at the table or on their couch. Which leads to right now Saturday Morning, I’m wide awake writing this post and everyone else is fast asleep…Today though we will be picking up our rental car.. so I am excited for that which now means we can now go to places whenever we want to!

So…. as you can see we have been both quite busy sorting our stuff out here and visiting people and I (more so than Jamie) have been battling serious jet lag that I haven’t had much time to post anything! I think I will have jet lag for a few more days but soon enough my body clock will synchronize to the time here… I will try my best to update you guys and am hoping soon to post a video of our trip here!

♥ Adios for now! Much more to come so keep watching this space!

Countdown – 2 Days

Countdown – 2 Days

♦ Hi everyone!

I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by…like really…. wow…..
In just TWO days Jamie and I will be leaving to go to England for trip no. 2 (WOOOOOO!!)

I can confidently say that I am extremely excited and cannot wait to go… but to be completely honest I am a little bit nervous and slightly anxious at the same time about flying over.  I think it is because there are just so many things Jamie and I both have to do before Wednesday (the day we leave) that in my mind I’m stressing over stressing about things that I shouldn’t be stressing about… (if that makes any sense at all). I guess what I’m trying to say here is I am a little overwhelmed about what needs to be done before Wednesday that I am anxious that everything won’t be done on time ….
Deep down however I know that everything will be fine but I guess I’m just a bit of a worry wart and stress over silly things! It’s something I’ve got to work on!

On a positive note I can not wait to be able to get time off to relax with Jamie and his family and spend 5 consecutive weeks with him by my side in the UK! Jamie and I have been working very hard over the last couple of months that I feel as though it’s time for a well deserved break! UK get ready…. we are coming for you!

I honestly just feel so lucky and grateful that I get to travel with someone that means the absolute world to me (I know that sounds a bit cheesy, but it’s true!).

So keep checking in to see what we get up to!

This is our journey and I’m taking you along with us… I can’t wait to catch up 🙂
Adios for now! ♥ Ed

My Top 10 Travel song/remix playlist

My Top 10 Travel song/remix playlist

Hi lovely people!

Just a quick update for you all, but there is ONLY 15 Days left until Jamie and I get on that plane and leave from Australia and head all the way over to England  for round 2! (yeeeew!)
I am so excited and cannot wait to see what our journey will hold!
I am even more curious now about the ‘surprise’ place that we will be visiting during our trip sometime while over there and can’t wait to find out!

So while encapsulated by my thoughts of excitement for travelling in the upcoming weeks I decided that I would create a playlist of the top 10 songs/remixes that I have found that are good to listen to while travelling whether that be on a plane or in a car. This is just my personal list of the type of music I like (everyone is different) so I’m sorry if it’s not really what you’re into but this list to me is feel good music that I feel really gets me in the mood and excited for travelling! Check it out!

No Song title YouTube channel Link


Shirazee – Different (Dan E Remix)


Chill Nation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGeR8BA91rg

Bondax – Gold (Snakehips Bootleg)


Majestic Casual https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFnqEo9367s



James Bay – Let It Go (Bearson Remix)


Wanderlust https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bSAPFkxJKg



Matt Simons – Catch & Release (Deepend Remix)


Mr Revillz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gbImG50oIc

The Him – Don’t Leave Without Me (ft. Gia Koka)


House Nation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsw7ouqSjsc



Kygo – Stay (feat. Maty Noyes)


Chill Nation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhyxqiUNaas&index=64&list=PL3EfCK9aCbkptFjtgWYJ8wiXgJQw5k3M3



JAHKOY – Hold Your Hand


High on Tracks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1REuCHycj4




Paul Cook – Wherever You Are (Embody Remix)


Mr Revillz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRiCsRc0XBk



Nico & Vinz – Am I Wrong (Gryffin Remix)


Chill city https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJEGDiinBU0



Billie Eilish – ocean eyes (blackbear remix)


EscapeTracks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIH8uY9ykCM


So that is my top 10 Travel song/remix playlist that I have found that I love the sound of!
If you like any of these or have songs you suggest listening to let me know in a comment!

Thanks for reading lovelies~
♥ Adios for now, I will catch up with you soon! – Ed

My Trip Details

My Trip Details

Hi lovely people!

Welcome to my blog if you are a new reader OR welcome back if you have been following along thus far! I have decided that I would write this very quick post to update you guys and fill you in on my flight details as I have not gone into much of those details as of yet.

Here we go:
Flying with:  Qantas and Emirates airlines.
Flights were booked through Escape Travel. 


Date Location Arriving Time Departing Time
10/8/16 Fly to Brisbane Arrive in Brisbane 6:40pm Depart Brisbane 9:00pm
11/8/16 Dubai Arrive in Dubai 5:20am Depart Dubai 7:25am
11/8/16 Manchester Arrive in Manchester 12:05 pm    Just in time for lunch!


Date Location Arriving Time Departing Time
14/9/16 Manchester Depart Manchester 9:15pm
15/9/16 Dubai Arrive in Dubai 7:25am Depart Dubai 10:40am
16/9/16 Brisbane Arrive in Brisbane 6:25 am  From Brisbane> Home



We will depart Brisbane at 9:00pm at night to head over to Dubai.


We will arrive at Dubai at 5:20am in the morning and will then leave Dubai at 7:25 am.
(Approx 2 hour wait).

manchesterAfter we have departed Dubai we will then arrive in Manchester at 12:05pm (lunch-time).
Yay! So quite a long flight but will be worth it when we arrive!

This is just a very quick post of my travel details to show you a brief summary of  what will be involved in my flights from AUS to the UK. Images I got off google maps!

Adios for now ♥  See you again soon!

My first YouTube channel!

My first YouTube channel!

Hi lovely people!

So I have finally filmed my first travel video for my new YouTube page! 🙂

I’m excited to share this with you guys as I go through and show you what exactly I will be bringing with me on my trip to England in my carry on luggage. I’m sorry if I’m a little awkward in some parts as I am still getting used to talking to a camera haha but hopefully you get what I am trying to say. I find it interesting to watch others on YouTube as to what they like to bring on a flight so I thought it would be a good idea to be able to create my own video showing you what I like to bring and connect with you guys through this platform alongside my blog as maybe someone out there might find it interesting or helpful!

I’m completely new to the YouTube scene but I hope to post a variety of different things on there including vlogs of my upcoming trip to England (stay tuned for that), travel videos, beauty related things, tags, challenges and maybe some tips and tricks or reviews of certain items or products. So if you find any of those things interesting, I would love for you to subscribe to my channel. I have only JUST started but I really hope to get better and grow both my channel and my blog as well as to get to know you guys!

I would love for you guys to catch up with me on my new YouTube channel:
Catch ups with Ed

Click the link above to check out my new channel! ^

Adios for now~ Ed ♥